The Damned United 2009

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The Damned United After failing to qualify for the 1974 FIFA World Cup, England manager Alf Ramsey is replaced by Don Revie (Colm Meaney), the highly successful manager of title=”Leeds United A.F.C. “>Leeds United. Revie’s replacement at Leeds is Brian Clough (Michael Sheen), the former manager of title=”Derby County F.C. “>Derby County, and a ferocious critic of Leeds due to their brutal and physical style of play under the direction of Revie. Clough has also not been joined by Peter Taylor ( Timothy Spall) the long-time assistant.

The roots of Clough’s disagreement with Leeds are described as occurring in the 1968 FA Cup match between Leeds which were the top team of the First Division [4(see below) as well as Derby which was struggling in the middle of the Second Division. Clough assumed Revie to be a similar man to himself, as they grew up in the same part of Middlesbrough and both played for title=”Sunderland A.F.C. title=”Sunderland A.F.C. However, on the day of the game, Revie failed to even acknowledge Clough upon entering the Baseball Ground. Derby ultimately lost the match by 2-0. [5] Although Clough initially blames the brutality of Leeds players, Clough and Taylor recognize that their team do not have the best players on a technical basis. They take on the veteran Dave Mackay ( Brian McCardie) as well as a number of other young players. The chairman, Sam Longson ( Jim Broadbent), is very anxious about the deal. However, in 1969 Derby are promoted, but in their debut league game against Leeds they lose by 5-0. In 1972, Derby win their first League championship. This results in an European Cup campaign. They go through to the semi-finals against title=”Juventus F.C.”>Juventus. However, in spite of Longson’s suggestion, Clough uses his best team for the final match prior to the semi-final against Leeds, purely out of the desire to win and pride in beating Revie. The team suffers injuries, and Billy Bremner ( Stephen Graham) humorously wishes Clough well in the semi-final. [66

Taylor then suffers an heart attack. Clough tries to secure his job by pledging his resignation as well as Taylor’s in a protest against the chairman’s inability to fund further signings. He is outraged when the directors accept their resignations, and they ban them from going to the Baseball Ground again (although Clough is later allowed to enter as a supporter). Clough hopes to be reinstated after the protests of Derby supporters raise his hopes. Clough is also backed by the majority of his players, but the former player Dave Mackay takes over as manager. Clough becomes disinterested in the eyes of Derby supporters and has no chances of being able to get his job back. He and Taylor are then offered jobs at title=”Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. “>Brighton and Hove Albion. They accept the positions after a paid all-expenses holiday on Majorca. After a summer holiday, Clough agrees that he will be the one to take over Leeds. However, Taylor, an all-expense-paid travel agent, suggests they should remain in Brighton. The Damned United HD

In the “present” storyline, Clough alienates his players in their first training session. Clough accuses them of cheating to earn every award they can and they are forced to play a 7-a-side game as if they were in school. Bremner says that Revie did not ever force them to do this. Clough then reminds them that Revie is not the person who caused it to happen and threatens severe punishment for anyone who speaks about his former manager or his tactics.

The season starts with a Charity Shield match against FA Cup winners title=”Liverpool F.C. title=”Liverpool F.C. However, the game is marred when the Leeds captain Billy Bremner gets into a fight with Kevin Keegan. Both are sent off and as a protest, they take off their shirts, and leave the field naked-chested. Leeds lost the game and Bremner is suspended for two months. Leeds will have to start the new season without their captain. Leeds are now in danger of losing their status after winning the title. After Bremner and his players express their displeasures to Clough The club is forced to end Clough’s tenure in only 44 days. But, he demands that his players pay for a massive amount of severance. After that, Clough agrees to do an interview with Yorkshire Television, however, he is surprised to find Revie there to confront him and bring them face-to-face finally. Clough claims that Revie is cold-hearted as well as being “fundamentally untruthful’ as a person as well as an administrator of a football team. Revie, on the contrary claims Clough as ‘inflexible’ and “egocentric”. Clough speaks of the 1968 FA Cup incident. Revie states that he did not know who the rookie manager was, which is doubtful given that Revie was known for his thorough research of the teams he played. Following the conversation, Clough drives down to Brighton to fix things together with Taylor. Clough is literally kneeling at Taylor’s commands and they are reconciled.

The film’s conclusion informs the viewers that Don Revie “failed” as England manager and that he never returned to football in England. He continued to play the rest of his time in the Middle East where there was a saga of financial mismanagement. Brian Clough and Peter Taylor, meanwhile, reunited at the “small, provincial club” Title=”Nottingham Forest F.C. Title=”Nottingham Forest F.C. They continued to improve both Revie and their own time at Derby by winning two European Cups in succession, in 1979 and 1980. The film ends with the caption: “Brian Clough remains the most successful manager that the England team has never had.”

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